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Boost your language skills

We start by figuring out what kind of lessons best suit your wishes. After that we will get to work with a tailor-made plan to help you achieve your goals

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Hi, I am Yolande
The face behind TAALWIJS Breda

I am a born teacher, busy with teaching and always thriving to make it more effective, fun and different. I really love my job. Under the tab 'offers' you can read more in depth what I do and offer.

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You can follow different types of classes with me. In addition to tutoring English and French (lower secondary education), you can also take lessons to learn a language. Dutch as a second language (NT2) is also an option.

When learning a language, we first do an intake, then a 0-measurement (what is your level at that moment) and then I make an estimate of how many lessons you will need to achieve your goal. I look together with you in what form we will do that.

During tutoring we will look at which level you are stuck on. We look at the book, tests and the teacher of the school can be consulted if necessary. We ensure that you are well prepared for the following tests.


"Yolande made me feel welcome from the start. She was really nice and kind. She was very good at explaining things to me. If there was something I didn’t understand, I could ask her immediately. And she would then give me a clear answer."  - Jarno (14 jaar)

“I completely trust Yolande to (re)write and revise my texts. I would recommend her to everyone who, like me, struggles with sentences. She helps me find solutions and she is full of inspiration and wonderful ideas..." - Anita Bron



you are so beautiful

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