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Business point of view

​If your employees could use some lessons of Dutch as a second language or English, you can also contact me. I would be happy to make a tailor-made offer for you and your company for language lessons.


Tutoring, learning a new language, or improving your language skills all take time, and that is why I mostly work with packages.

By mutual agreement, the lessons can either take place at TAALWIJS Breda, in your home, or online. Below you will find more information about the various packages.



Tutoring English & French

We start by figuring out where you usually get stuck while doing your homework and school tests, and I will answer all your questions. This will enable us to focus on the things that need extra attention.



English or Dutch as a second language

After a baseline assessment I will draw up a plan and we will discuss the various available packages. Although I will suggest the best possible approach for your situation, the content of the lessons will be tailormade in close consultation with you.


Exam training

Together we will start by analysing an exam so you can learn where the right answer is hidden in texts like these, and why all the other answers are wrong. 


Homework support

Together we will first discuss how you have been doing your homework yourself, and where things started going wrong. We will then draw up plan to get you back to doing your homework again without any stress. We will also make a schedule together.

Having a schedule and sticking to will give you a lot of peace of mind and will leave you enough time to relax. And that is also very important!


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