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“Working with languages makes me so happy!”

Whether I teach English, French or Dutch, to teenagers, young children or adults: I just love teaching. I enjoy it so much. Seeing people master the language step by step makes me happy. I think the passion for my profession is pretty clear.


I let my students engage with language in different ways. Not only the theory, but also by doing! Encounter! Don't just learn it from the books, but use it in practice. By using music and by exposing yourself a lot to the language. It is my passion to help others. "I help you do it yourself", as Maria Montessori said so beautifully, and that sentence resonates with me completely!


Of course I don't only work… I like dancing, the sun, photography, playing tennis and travelling, preferably all over the world! And last but not least and what should have been first: I am a mother of two adult children of whom I am very proud!

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In the media

"Yolande also teaches Dutch to expats: 'They can feel nervous to speak Dutch'"

- In the buurt Breda

Volunteer work

Recently I have expanded my passion for children and teaching with volunteer work for the VoorleesExpres. I will read to young children and help them read out loud in order to improve their Dutch language skills. This is how I continue my mission, just like Maria Montessori: I help you to do it yourself!

“Another one of my passions is an orphanage in Tanzania.”

This orphanage provides a home for new-born babies and children up to the age of three, until they are able to return to their families or move on to the next orphanage.


What these little ones all have in common is the fact that they have lost their mother. As these babies all come from poor families who cannot afford to bottle-feed them, they are welcomed in a temporary family at Cradle of Love Baby Home.

Every year I donate part of my income to the Cradle of Love Baby Home, Tanzania.

They use the donations to pay for recurring expenses, food, the salaries of the carers, formula for the babies, and much, much more. In this way, we are all contributing to making the world a better place.

Cradle of Love baby

Please take a look at their Facebook Page in case you are interested. And use the button below if you would like to make a donation.

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